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Obama is Running on Empty - Welcome to My World [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Obama is Running on Empty [Sep. 19th, 2008|10:38 am]
Barack Obama's campaign is unbelievable.

Their attacks and criticisms of McCain and Palin are so empty it is scary.

McCain's campaign has stretched the truth somewhat in some of their ads critical of Obama, but nowhere near the degree that the Obama camp has been doing. I can't even call what the Obama campaign is doing as stretching the truth, because they're not even starting with the truth in much of their criticism.

First they continually try to link McCain to Bush, despite that fact that:
- McCain has had several disagreements with the Bush administration on some key issues over the last eight years.
- Joe Lieberman, the man who ran against Bush in 2000, who AL GORE picked as his VP candidate, is supporting McCain.

They also claim McCain (and Palin?!) is more of the same old politics, despite the fact that:
- Obama is from the notoriously corrupt Chicago political arena, and what is his record of reform there?
- Obama is now engaging in more negative attacks than McCain
- McCain has a reputation of bipartisanship in the Senate to actually accomplish something
- McCain picked a running mate who unseated an incumbent Republican and did act to reduce corruption
- Obama chose Joe Biden as his running mate

They criticize Palin's experience, despite the fact that:
- Palin has more executive experience than Obama, who has little if any executive experience
- Obama is at the top of his ticket while Palin is appropriately in the VP slot
- Obama was criticized by Democrats for being too inexperienced during their primary

And to top it off, the Obama campaign has been running spanish language ads that take two Rush Limbaugh quotes way out of context, and then try to link McCain to Limbaugh! Do we have to pull out all the non-out-of-context anti-McCain quotes from Limbaugh during the Republican primaries? These ads are clearly designed to inflame racial/ethnic tensions, so we have to ask ourselves; what kind of change is Obama really promoting here?

Barack Obama is running on empty. At some point you have to believe that the Democrats are going to get tired of losing Presidential elections.