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SERIOUSLY [Sep. 26th, 2008|12:35 pm]
 It's amazing how some in the media are trying to chracterize McCain's most recent actions.

If Obama had been the one to "suspend" his campaign and suggest postponing the first debate, the majority of the mainstream media, which is clearly in the tank for him, would be gushing at his leadership and decisiveness; trying to solve the problem supposedly created only by non-Democrats.

Obviously Obama can't relate to McCain's desire to work in a bipartisan manner and actually get something accomplished.  So by default he thinks it was merely a political stunt.  I disagree, while McCain must have considered the political fallout, the decision was much more than a stunt.  McCain's record proves he is about more than pure stunts.

The deal was clearly DOA. Yet some are trying to blame McCain's appearance in Washington for the deal falling through.  McCain rightly pointed out early on, there would be no concensus on the initial proposal, and rightly went to Washington to LISTEN before then coming up with a deal that will be passed.  Yet we see critcism that he didn't speak enough... yet somehow that was responsible for the deal falling through... typical logic coming from liberals.

McCain must take Obama to task tonight in the debate, which will presumably include much more about the economy, rather than the originally proposed foreign policy and national security debate (which is unfortunate, Obama thinks the handling of the 1993 WTC bombing was a success, this faulty thinking sums him up well in my mind).  However, McCain will still be able to outshine Obama on the economy, despite this current crisis supposedly helping Obama in the polls, but for the life of me I can't figure out why.  McCain is the one who tried to pass a bill and predicted the dangerousness of the situation two years ago.