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VP Palin! [Aug. 29th, 2008|03:05 pm]
At first glance, John McCain's pick for VP may seem like a stunt to woo women and Hillary supporters. However, this is definitely not solely a pick based on gender. Although it is a factor and makes the ticket much more exciting, she actually does have Executive experience, both as mayor (yes only 7,500 people or so, but that's 7,500 more than Obama has ever governed) and Governor (of an important state with regards to our energy future).

People are always complaining about politicians and how they are not like regular people, well this woman is! She is a mother of 5 and her husband is a union worker. Why not put someone who is more in touch with average Americans into the VP spot?

She has a proven track record in unseating an incumbent Republican and getting things done for her state. Regardless of her gender, we can look at what she's done, even in a relatively brief period, versus Obama's lack of accomplishment.

I'm not even sure how many Hillary supporters will be won over by this, probably not many, because they are too liberal and do not think logically enough. Palin is too anti-abortion for many Hillary supporters among other things. What this pick will do most is annoy the heck out of Democrats since they did not have the first woman elected to the White House.

I am very excited about this election, we need a mostly moderate ticket that has shown it is willing to negotiate across party lines to get things done like McCain/Palin. Obama proclaims change, but he is in reality a Chicago Machine politician. McCain/Palin will get things done!

Country First 2008